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Sure We Can, Inc. is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) / 501(c)(2) organization incorporated in November 2007 (Federal ID# 26-1217947)  and is a registered charity with the office of the New York State Attorney General (ID#40-68-61.) We currently receive no federal, or state funding. We depend donations and grants from foundations, corporations, and individuals, along with the services of volunteers, to fulfill our mission. Every dollar you give helps us improve the lives of the canners of New York.

Donations to Sure We Can Inc are tax-deductible.

Our business model is simple, we work to help the destitute and homeless of New York City by redeeming their returnable bottles and cans. Unlike many other redemption centers and services, however, we pay these New Yorkers the full $0.05 refund per container– as required by law and up to $0.065 for sorted containers, which is not required by law . More important, though, we treat them like people.

Next, Sure We Can, Inc. schedules pickups with distributors representing the manufactures of the original products.  They will only handle the redeemed containers in pre-sorted bulk units and reimburse us for the $0.05 refund paid to our clients and pay an additional $0.035 per container handling fee which goes towards the sorting fees and overhead. This per-item handling fee is our only source of income, other than donations.

For that reason, we can’t do it alone.

We need the monetary support of foundations, corporations, and individuals to help pay our storage and warehouse costs – and to add the types of services for the homeless that we now only dream of. We also accept non-monetary donations of various types, including supplies, vehicles, and storage space.

Individuals, foundations and corporations wishing to donate to Sure We Can can click here (forthcoming) or contact our board president: 

Douglas von Erb


Sure We Can, Inc.