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In New York State and particularly New York City, some who are homeless manage to scrape together a meager living by collecting and redeeming others’ discarded cans and bottles. This work has come to be known as “canning.”

At present, however, canning is so demanding physically, demeaning emotionally, and even logistically complicated that many of New York’s homeless are effectively barred from taking advantage of the opportunity.  

The overall goal of Sure We Can is to remove the current hardships that come with canning, both for those who already use it as their means of survival and for those who would like to do so. To this end, we have founded the City’s only licensed, homeless-friendly redemption center. At this Brooklyn site, we not only redeem recyclable cans and bottles, but we do so in a welcoming and community-building atmosphere. 

SWC was founded by a small group of concerned New York City residents which included Eugene Gadsden and Ana Martinez de Luco, who were its inspiration. The organization not only provides opportunities for the City’s destitute but also encourages their self-dependence and responsibility.

At its very core, Sure We Can is not just for canners. It is the canner community.

Please watch our short Sure We Can video at http://www.vimeo.com/12720166.